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Gage and Fixture Design and Build

Expert CAD/CAM ServicesWhether you want to launch a project of just keep its progress on schedule, MetroCal, Inc. provides the expertise you need. Our CADICAM Department offers a cutting-edge approach to solids, wireframe and surface data generation, gage design, CNC programming, and coordinate part-check programming - everything it takes to assure a precision end-product.

We understand that to succeed in customer satisfaction, we must use the best available tools. That's why our technology inventory includes an array of Citron, Solidworks, SDRC Ideas and Mechanical Desktop products that run parametric solids design software on high-end Hewlett Packard XP Professional workstations capable of reading in most common data formats.

Metrocal, Inc. has a design and management staff that understands gauging and the intricate specification required. We are familiar with a variety of gage standards including Daimler Chrysler, General Motors and Ford to name a few. We offer partnership with our customers in obtaining gage approval and resolving part design and production obstacles.

Let us demonstrate our innovative engineering with your next project.


From drilling to grinding to complex 3-D surface milling, MetroCal's machining capabilities deliver total solutions for your projects. Not only do we Design your fixture accurately, but our launch-to-process approach also means we can convert your CMM holding fixture to the perfect process gage, for production monitoring.

Whether you need a hand-held plug gage or a PLC-driven automated gage, we promise you a user-friendly product machined with ultimate precision. With every gage, we provide a certificate of accuracy that ensures you'll meet today's quality standards.

At MetroCal, we bring innovation to the search for better answers to your project needs. No matter what size job, bring it to us for the finest results in...

Hand-held gages
CMM holding fixtures
Attribute gages
SPC gages
Automated SPC gages
Process gages
Cycle Testers

Travel and effort gages and machines
Detail work
Production CNC work
Special machines
Weld fixtures
Assembly fixtures

Design & BuildTurnkey Fixture Design & Build

Bring your part prints, math data, and GD&T to MetroCal, and let us design a gage that will perfectly answer all your requirements.

We start by creating a three-dimensional, fully detailed design for your approval. Any complex surfaces or hole patterns are programmed for CNC machining, and you receive a ClMM check sheet specifying all tolerance requirements necessary to certify your gage.

At MetroCal, we're committed to providing you with the most complete and accurate designs, fixtures, and gages in the industry.