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Non-Contact Method

3-D Multi-Sensor Dimensional Metrology with Outstanding Speed and Accuracy
3-D Multi-Sensor Dimensional Metrology with Outstanding Speed and Accuracy.

Simple and Brilliant
Using Non-Contact Measurement Technology
to expand our Dimensional Layout Capability

In almost every industry, a need for dimensional verification on extremely small features arises. Our Vision System allows us to perform accurate measurement of parts with features that can not be checked by conventional CMM's. Non-contact technology also allows us to inspect compressible materials such as foam and soft rubber, without the deflection issues of contact methods of measurement. This fully automatic, programmable system with CAD interface allows data to be imported for quick part setup, and exported for quick reverse engineering. With its magnification range of 27X to 540X, and a resolution of 1/4 micron, this system has been a breath of fresh air for tight tolerance measurement.

Performing 3rd Party Certifications, 1st Piece Inspections, Capability Studies, Reverse
   Engineering, Statistical Analysis and much more
Focused on Customer Service
Maintained in a Tightly Controlled Laboratory Environment
A2LA Accredited assuring you NIST Traceable Certifications meeting all the ISO

Dual Screen, Multi-Sensor, High Mag.
Dual Screen Multi-Sensor High Mag.

Continually Improving our Capabilities to provide the
Best 3rd Party Dimensional Verification and Certification Possible.

MetroCal, Inc. also offers a number of other quality services and products:
Custom Check Fixture/Gage Design and Build
Physical, Dimensional, Thermodynamic and Electronic Calibration
Precision Hand Tools, Torque Products and Metrology Displays/Software Sales

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